Sarah Woodcock at Hopton Leather

Welcome to Hopton Leather.

My Grandad, Tom Sinclair was a saddler in Leeds from the 1940s to the 1970s. I have a vivid memory of visiting his shop as a child, in particular the smell of leather and beeswax.

I took up his leather working tools a few years ago, and with the wise help of Mark Papworth, a local leather worker and tutor, I slowly started to learn the art and skill of leather working.

Mark makes the most beautiful things in leather. Visit his website http://www.whitebuffalocrafts.com

I am starting with simple items to develop my skills, I make everything myself by hand. I am trained in art, art history, and building conservation and have a career as a Curator, so I’m interested in researching and using historic items as inspiration.

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